58. With the Excitement
of the First Day of Our Year

Trust in Textile

Half a century ago, we dreamed of being a company that pioneers the Textile Industry. On this path that we began to proceed in as a family company, we have succeeded in transforming Nazik Home into a brand at world quality standards. We are now among the leading companies followed by the industry with our own textile products.
Our innovative ideas become reality with our unique designs. Production commences under the supervision of our expert staff by making use of the most appropriate technology for flawless products. Every step of all models in brode and home textile is handled by our production department with great care and skill. The most important goal here is meeting the quality standards we set.
We hope to go beyond production, to combine art with textiles and to gain your trust with the works that are produced with the signature of Nazik Home.
With our constantly increasing production capacity and quality, we managed to break our own record every year. In the desire to produce the best, we complete our productions without neglecting our quality control. Apart from the production for our own brands, we also serve as supplier to the home textile companies, thereby continuing to contribute to the Turkish economy. The reason why various world brands prefer us is undoubtedly our accomplishments …
Because we know the secret of success.
As the time has passed, we turned into a strong family with our employees, business and solution partners. In addition to our marketing team, we offer online shopping opportunity for the retail and wholesale of all our products with nazikhome.com. We continue our various publications so that you can be informed about all our campaigns and continuously renewed collections.
We expanded our fields in the textile industry with our brands Brode Nazik in 1965, Royal Nazik in 2010, Hobby Nazik in 2015, Baby Nazik in 2016, and Nazik Concept in 2019. And now we have gathered all of our brands under Nazik Home for a much stronger infrastructure. We have succeeded in obtaining the “Trust in Textiles” certificate by aiming to produce reliable and healthy products since the day we were established.
We are happy to be able to make all the difference in the sector with our various products on Brode, Home Textile and Baby Textile that reach all over the world. Through our constantly renewed stocks, we meet the needs correctly and respond quickly to requests.
We are on our way today, too …
Just like we do every day for half a century …
With the excitement and passion of the first day …

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